Dad Of Biracial McClure Twins Apologizes For Racist Tweets, And His Black Wife Breaks Down In Tears

Dad Of Biracial McClure Twins Apologizes For Racist Tweets, And His Black Wife Breaks Down In Tears

The twins question: “Why didn’t you get a spanking?”

Published July 17, 2018

If you haven’t seen the adorable toddler twin sisters Ava and Alexis McClure, then you’ve been under a rock.

ICYMI: The biracial YouTube stars who go by the name the McClure Twins have garnered millions of followers on social media and YouTube with their adorable photos and witty conversations on life captured on video.

Recently, the white father to the YouTube sensations, Justin McClure, was placed in hot water after racist and misogynistic posts on the family’s Twitter account resurfaced. For those who don't know, Ami McClure, the twins mother, is Black.

Keep scrolling to see the screenshots taken of the derogatory jokes, racist comments, and disrespectful remarks posted between 2011-2014.

SMH. These posts have since been removed, including the post in 2014, just a year after the twins were born, which stated that a Black woman would name their child “Allergies.” 

Of course, Black Twitter was not having it! 

After receiving serious backlash, Justin and Ami took to YouTube to discuss the tweets. 

“I was just as surprised and shocked by those tweets from previous days as [the public] was,” Ami shared in the video. “This is my first time seeing them as well… I did not know that man. The man that I met and married is the Justin I know today.”

Justin then proclaimed he isn’t racist, but instead was being a comedian, although he does admit his past tweets are offensive.

“I know I’m not a racist,” Justin told his Black wife. “But I look at the things I said, and would a racist person say those things? They would … if I what I say is so offensive to someone else and it’s racist to them, then it’s racist.”

“I don’t know if you can call it racist… but I didn’t like white people,” Ami admitted, while bursting into tears. “Anybody who knows me knows that I did not like white people. And I had to sit to myself and say ‘why?’”

Keep scrolling to see the video, including the moment he sat down with his twin daughters and asked them if they learned a lesson from his mistakes.  

One of the twins asks Justin, “Why didn’t you get a spanking?”

His response: “I did get a spanking. I think I got a spanking from the internet.” For now, all we have to say about this unfortunate dilemma is, "Hmph."

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Twins Family)


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