19 Real Men Reveal The Craziest Places They've Ever Had Sex

19 Real Men Reveal The Craziest Places They've Ever Had Sex

Issa's Ferris wheel sexcapades doesn't have anything on these stories.

Published September 11, 2018

This week's episode of Insecure gave us "#IssaFerrisWheel," the scene that got everyone going nuts on Twitter! Issa Rae's character, Issa, got it poppin' on a Ferris wheel while stuck mid-air with Nathan, a.k.a. LyftBae, played by Kendrick Sampson.

Needless to say, their XXX-rated fun had Black Twitter in a frenzy:

If you've ever been to Coachella, then you know the music festival is a time to let loose with friends, which is exactly what Issa and her girls did. Issa follows Molly's advice about being on some "next level" and "brand new" sh*t.

Are we slowly detecting that LyftBae is all about the random hot moments? First skinny dipping in someone else's pool, now rocking the Ferris wheel car. Nate, my man, I see a hive forming.

We asked 19 guys to share the most random places they've had sex. After reading, you may never see church fundraisers the same.

Here's what they had to say:

  1. "ATM drive-thru"

    “TGI Friday’s bathroom. Oh, wait, bank ATM drive-thru. And, at a pool bar in Jamaica, on the stool.” -Al, 34


  2. "On Interstate 20"

    “In the damn driver’s seat on I-20 somewhere [in Atlanta]. The drive was too long, so she started playing too much. We had to pull over because we were going to end up in a ditch.” -Rob, 24


  3. "Parking lot"

    “In the parking lot waiting for food in Louisiana.” -Ramone, 35


  4. "My old manager's office"

    “In my old manager's office while he was on vacation. He had the only office with a door that could close. I was in college at the time, if this is discoverable information.” -Tarek, 28


  5. "Roof of the projects"

    “The roof of the projects in Harlem during the winter.” -Scott, 28


  6. "Stranger's backyard"

    “In order of craziness: Stranger's backyard (very Issa!). Then, I would say at the club event I was hosting. At work, during my college work-study days, and in a taxi. But the taxi was just oral sex.” -Chase, 28


  7. "On a playground"

    “A three-some on a playground. The cops came, and I ran home butt naked. One and a half miles down the road!” -Phil,27 

  8. "The library"

    “In the library on campus.” -Ty, 29


  9. "Balcony... facing Niagara Falls"

    “On a balcony of my hotel room facing Niagara Falls would be the craziest for me.” -Jaymal, 30


  10. "Woods"

    “The woods.” -Rashad, 30


  11. "Stranger's car"

    “Rooftop of a stranger’s car.” -Julian, 32


  12. "Rooftop garden"


    “Oh God, the rooftop garden." -Justin, 29



  13. "Outside of Barnes and Noble"

    “It wasn’t necessarily a crazy place. It was a crazy scenario. It was us in a bed, and the 3rd was sleep. So, having sex with one while the other was sleep while trying not to wake the other person. But the place wise; I’ve got head in broad daylight on a bench outside of Barnes and Noble. Full on sex in the dressing room at a store.” -Ernie, 27


  14. "In my bed. But it wasn't with my wife"

    “When I was married. In my bed. But it wasn’t with my wife. I must say that was the most expensive random sex because I kept doing it and now I am paying sh*t ton of money in alimony because of it. But it was fun.” -Terrell, 35


  15. “Rooftop"

    “Nothing too crazy, but a rooftop.” -Ryan, 26


  16. “Park.”

    "Park." -Marco, 29

  17. “Church fundraiser”

    “The bathroom during a church fundraiser and in front of a happy hour spot in Hollywood parked on a busy street.” -Lennard, 33


  18. "Car that belonged to her boyfriend"

    "In a car that belonged to her boyfriend. Went down in an Applebee's parking lot right before she had to pick him up from work that night. Cheaper than a motel." -Ramond, 31


  19. "An Uber"

    "In an Uber XL!" -Kenneth, 28


Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Getty Images)


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