Fans Comment On The Curious Timing Of Lori Harvey And Joie Chavis Releasing Simultaneous Gym Workout Videos

Lori Harvey

Fans Comment On The Curious Timing Of Lori Harvey And Joie Chavis Releasing Simultaneous Gym Workout Videos

The 'future' is fit!

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 8, 2020 / 02:41 PM

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

What better way to start off the new year than with a gym flex? Lori Harvey…and, um, Joie Chavis both had the right idea. To be fair so did most folks who decided to make workouts a priority in 2020, but the timing and circumstances of the ladies’ latest workout posts on Instagram has fans of their “love triangle” with Future reaching for clues on their relationship status with the rapper.

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Either way, these intense workouts look like they get the job done. Plus, us regular folks in the struggle to get our bodies right could really benefit from their celebrity-grade fitness routines.

First up, Joie, who shares a one-year-old son, Hendrix, with Future. Her workout includes resistance band work, some light lifting with free weights, and TRX exercises. She dropped a lengthy inspirational message along with the video she posted on Instagram, but our favorite motivational tidbit was this: “Once the results start coming you won’t wanna give up, and it will become apart of your lifestyle.”

A year after giving birth to her and Future’s son, her body looked like this while vacationing in Mexico for the holidays, so we’re pretty much sold on following her workout advice. Joie is also a professional dancer, so she definitely gets her cardio in, too.

She’s also doing a challenge with her trainer G. Washington (@imrocksolid_fitness) that you can sign up for!

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Let me see

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Next up is Lori, who shared this post on her Instagram Stories of her working with a friend and her trainer Ms.Tisch (@mstischh). Her exercises including squats, resistance training and throwing around a heavy ball. The 22-year-old star is fresh off vacationing with Future in Ghana for all of ‘The Year of Return’ festivities.

Considering Lori went a whole vacation and came back looking like this, is proof that whatever she’s doing is working!

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Just woke up 🌞

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Lori and Joie both look AMAZING and there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly fitness competition. So what routine are you adopting as part of your 2020 workout regimen?

Whichever choice, the future is fit.


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