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Nadine Gracia

Office of Minority Health Seeks to Improve Black Lives

J. Nadine Gracia discusses the agency's new programs.

Commentary: Is Hair Really the Reason Black Women Don’t Work Out?

Why this fitness issue is much more complicated.
The FBI Steps In - Last November the FBI busted a ring of cyber hackers for launching an Internet advertisement scam where 4 million computers worldwide (500,000 in the U.S. alone), including government agencies like NASA, were hijacked over the course of four years. The hackers made more than $14 million in commission from people who accidently clicked on the ads thinking they were legitimate. For example, when users of infected computers clicked on the link for the official website of iTunes, they were instead routed to a website for a business unaffiliated with Apple Inc. that claimed to sell Apple software, according to the FBI. (Photo: Nick Pandolfo/MCT /LANDOV)

Are Twitter and Facebook Making You Fat?

A new study links social media to unhealthy living.