presidential pardon

Biden Pardons First Black Secret Service Agent To Work On Presidential Detail

Abraham Bolden says he was falsely charged in retaliation for whistleblowing.

Kwame Kilpatrick, Lil’ Wayne Among Dozens To Win Clemency Or Pardon From Trump on Last Day In Office

They are part of a list of people now freed.

Trump Asked Kneeling NFL Players Who To Pardon Next And People Are Like 'Issa Trap!'

Yet many thinks "issa trap!"

Trump Grants Alice Johnson Clemency After Meeting With Kim K And People Are Cautiously Optimistic

Despite this effort, some people are still not team Trump.

Senate Urges Obama to Pardon Boxer Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was convicted a century ago.

Race's Role in Presidential Pardons

Whites are favored in the presidential pardon process.