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Black Chicago Woman Speaks Out About Her Violent Encounter With Police Officer While Walking Her Dog

Nikkita Brown suspects racial profiling.

Study Proves Customs and Border Police Claims of Racial Profiling

Michigan Customs and Border Patrol cops' lawsuit has merit

‘Walmart Karen’ Falsely Accuses Black Man Of Stealing Her Son’s Phone

The incident was captured on video.
NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 30: Keyon, left, and Kat Harrold, right, look on at a press conference held in lower Manhattan on December 30, 2020 in New York City. After Harrold shared video footage of a white woman assaulting his son and wrongfully accusing the boy of stealing her phone in a Manhattan hotel lobby, civil rights leaders have called for an end to persistent racial profiling and injustice. (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images)

NYC Hotel Where Black Teen Keyon Harrold Jr., Was Falsely Accused of Stealing Phone Sued By Family

The Arlo Hotel is accused of violating human rights laws.

Canvassing While Black: Community Organizer Arrested By Michigan Police While Collecting Signatures

La’Ron Marshall was charged with two felonies.

Atlanta Restaurant Apologizes For Kicking Out Black Couple Over Their Sneakers

“We should’ve managed the situation much better.”

Systemic Racism Persists In ‘Liberal’ Georgia Town Through Police Action

‘Welcome To Pine Lake’ shows scrutiny of Black drivers.

Versace VP Says He Was Racially Profiled After Being Stopped And Frisked By Beverly Hills Police

He says of the incident “I’m ok, my spirit is not.”

White Couple Arrested For Shooting At Two Black Men As They Dropped Off U-Haul

The two men say they were targeted because over skin color.

Watch: Cops Question Black Man For Having Too Many Credit Cards

"Prove to me the rest of those cards are yours,” a cop said.

Black Teen Detained By Wannabe Cop Heading to Basketball Practice

The man accused the boy of breaking into cars.