occupy movement

Occupy Wall Street Marks Anniversary With Arrests

More than 100 people were arrested for disorderly conduct.
Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons: Republican Presidential Ticket Will "Destroy Our People"

Simmons says GOP ticket is sign that politics is for sale.

FYI: Van Jones to Speak at Green Festival NYC

This year is the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day.

Man Shot 28 Times by Police Receives 40 Years in Prison

Howard Morgan was sentenced for attempted murder.

Occupy 2012: What Is the Movement’s Role?

The movement needs a clear mission and plan of action.

South Africa's Protest Crackdown Sparks Apartheid Déjà Vu

The police used old-school tactics to break up protests.
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman (Missouri) - “Donald Payne was my friend and my inspiration because he struggled with this ailment for a long time and he handled it in what in my tradition is saintly. I will miss him. At a time when there is great rancor and much animosity in politics, he remained a statesman.”(Photo: Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Commentary: Blacks Aren’t Marching on Washington Because Obama’s Black?

Rep. Cleaver's statement is absurd and insulting.
We Will Show You - “Show me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like,” protestors chanted.(Photo: Raymond Haddad/BET.com)

Occupy Wall Street to Take Demonstration to the Courthouse

The group wants more restrictions on spending in elections.