Three Things To Know About Darrell E. Brooks, Who Is Charged in the Deadly Wisconsin Christmas Parade Crash

Arrested after smashing his vehicle into a crowd in Waukesha, Wis., Brooks had been in jail for running a woman down with his car.

Milwaukee Man Who Killed Son Over Cheesecake Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Travis Stackhouse pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

Alvin Cole Case: Wisconsin Police Chief Says ‘No Reason’ To Fire Cop Who Killed Black Teen

Chief is still defending a cop behind multiple shootings.

Milwaukee County Executive Declares Racism A Public Health Crisis

“We need to see racism as a rotting apple tree."

Outrage After Cops Say Jerry Smith Jr. Shooting Was Justified Even Though Video Proves Otherwise

The victim was only holding a cell phone at the time.

Cop Arrests Black Teen For Getting A Ride Home From Church With His White Grandma And Her Friend

A couple reported Akil Carter was robbing the older women.

Day Care Says Badly Bruised 8-Month-Old With Hair Scraped Off Was Just Bitten By A Mosquito

Police are investigating if baby Judale Malone was abused.

Mother Of Found Sex Trafficked 16-Year-Old Says Police Would Have Worked Harder If She Were White

If Armoni Chambers were white, would police have done more?

Video Of Teen Saying His Stolen Car Was Crashed Into A House Has People Hilariously Calling B.S.

"Someone stole his keys while he slept. Yeah...ok."

Disgusting Video Shows White Officer Punch Black Teen In The Face After A Dispute At The Mall

Milwaukee Black Panthers called for the firing of the cop.