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OPINION: White Supremacists Infiltrating George Floyd Protests Have A Different Agenda

A deeper, closer look at what's really going on.

Donald Trump And His Followers Slammed As ‘Neo-Nazis’ After He Openly Said ‘I’m A Nationalist’

"This is a big admission and should terrify us all."

White Supremacist Group Says School Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz Participated In Their Paramilitary Training Exercises

The suspect participated in paramilitary training exercises.

African-American Studies Professor Finds Racist Flyer For A Fake Class On Defeating 'Black Nationalism'

Tobin Shearer's class on white supremacy was targeted.

Look: Georgia Police Officer Fired for Flying Confederate Flag Now Suing Department

Silvia Cotriss gets help from alleged white supremacy group.

Watch: 'America Belongs to White Men' White Supremacist Richard Spencer Spewed Hate at Texas A&M and Was Shut Down

BLM protesters and allies stood up against his racism.

Watch: People Are Angry the Press Keeps Using the Term Alt-Right to Normalize Trump Supporting Neo-Nazi Hate Groups

Call them what they are: white supremacists.

Look: University of Kansas Suspends Cheerleader for Pro-Trump KKK Snapchat

And the student allegedly tweeted a defense.

Watch: DC Restaurant Maggiano's Apologizes After Hosting Trump-Supporting White Nationalist Group

And here's how people on Facebook responded.

Watch: Trump Appoints Alt-Right, White Nationalist Steve Bannon to Chief Strategist

His past publications offended POC, women, LBGTQ, etc.

Watch: White Lives Matter Protesters March Outside Houston NAACP Offices

And Black Twitter dragged its supporters.