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Judge Rules That Henrietta Lacks Family Lawsuit Can Move Forward

The estate is suing pharmaceutical company Ultragenyx over the use of HeLa cells which was taken from Lacks without her knowledge in 1951.

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Plus, after decades of fighting, the family of Henrietta Lacks will finally be compensated.

Settlement Talks Expected To Begin Between Family of Henrietta Lacks And Biotech Company

Lacks’ cells were taken by physicians without her consent while undergoing cancer treatment in 1951.

Henrietta Lacks' Hometown to Erect A Statue Of Her, Replacing Confederate General Robert E. Lee

America has used statues to celebrate men who divided our nation for too long, says Lacks family attorney Ben Crump.

Judge Considers Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit By Henrietta Lacks' Family Against Biotech Company

Lacks would have been treated differently if she was white, family’s lawyer Ben Crump says.

Henrietta Lacks' Estate Files Lawsuit Against Pharmaceutical Company For Using Her Cells Without Consent

“Black people have the right to control their bodies."

Family of Henrietta Lacks Retains Attorney Ben Crump

Family of Henrietta Lacks Retains Attorney Ben Crump
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Do HIV Conspiracy Theories Prevent Us From Being in Clinical Trials?

Blacks are more willing to participate in AIDS research.
Henrietta Lacks

Feds, Family Reach Deal On Use of DNA Information

Henrietta Lacks had no knowledge of her cells being taken.