health disparities

National Women’s Check-Up Day: What Black Women Need to Know Before You See the Doctor

While healthcare inequity is prevalent in this county, there are ways to ensure that your mind and body receive the essential services they need.

Study: Software Racial Bias Leads To Underdiagnosed Lung Issues In Black Men

Racist assumptions about Black people have found their way into modern health care, research shows.

HIV Infections Are Down, But The Racial Disparities Still Exist

The CDC found that only 11 percent of African Americans living with HIV have access to proper medication.
Image of book Under The Skin by Linda Villarosa

New Book Alert!: Author Linda Villarosa Goes Deep ‘Under The Skin’ And Explores How Racism Prematurely Ages Black Americans

"The lived experience of being Black in America is doing something to our bodies, plus the treatment in the healthcare system... can be unfair."
Doctor comforting patient in office

American Medical Association Releases Anti-Racist Plan For Itself And Medical Profession

The organization is pledging to help create more equity.

Study Suggests Attending an HBCU Could Be Better For Your Health

Research shows Black alumni may have lower health risks.
Young woman performing warming up exercises

Study Finds Black Women Must Work Harder to Lose Weight

Black women also have a lower metabolic resting rate.

Black Pastors Give Praise to Obamacare

Faith leaders to help increase Black health-care enrollment.
When It Comes to Screenings, Is Less More?

9 Out Of 10 Blacks With High Blood Pressure Will Suffer Early Heart Disease

The finding will help doctors diagnose heart issues earlier.

Maya Angelou to Open Women's Health and Wellness Center

The center will offer clinical and preventative programs.
Health Care Spending Nationally Remained Slight, Government Reports - According to a report by the Obama Administration, spending on health care nationally rose by a relatively modest 3.9 percent in 2010 for the second consecutive year, a reflection of Americans postponing visits to doctors and lower prescription drug purchases.(Photo: The Press-Register / Landov)

Black Physicians to Recruit Blacks for Medical School

Numbers are increasing, but more are still needed.