President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden Awarded Honorary Degree From Morehouse College

During his speech, the President spoke about the Morehouse tradition and his first-term accomplishments that have benefited Black Americans.

Trump Plans to Court Black Voters with Celebrity-Led Campaign Push

In a bid to win over African American voters, former President Donald Trump is reportedly aligning with hip-hop artists and athletes, planning major events in key cities, despite the lack of a cohesive engagement strategy.

Soulja Boy Offers To Buy TikTok Following The Possible Ban of The App

President Joe Biden recently signed a bill that would ban TikTok if there’s no change in ownership in nine months.

EXCLUSIVE: Morehouse President David Thomas and Sen. Raphael Warnock Issue Statements About President Joe Biden's Upcoming Commencement Address

The commencement is scheduled for May 19.

GloRilla Has An Emotional Response To a Message From Her Father

Edwin C. Woods, the Memphis rapper's dad, surprised with a lovely tribute during her appearance on the "Tamron Hall Show."

Biden, Obama, and Clinton Unite for Historic DNC Fundraiser in New York City

The three presidents conversed on a panel moderated by Stephen Colbert.

GloRilla Talks Meeting President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris

The Memphis rapper was in attendance at the White House’s Women’s History Month reception.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Campaign Issues Statement On Trump's 'Project 2025' Housing Plan

The President’s campaign team pointed out how the plan would negatively impact the housing options for Black and Brown Americans.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Campaign Plans Black Media Rollout To Reach Black Voters

Beginning on February 14, the campaign will run ads in battleground states and on several Black media platforms.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Hospitalized Again With a Bladder Issue

The secretary was previously treated for prostate cancer in December.

Rep. James Clyburn Says Biden Still Has Black Backing Despite Reported Loss of Support

The South Carolina congressman points to the president’s decisive victory in the state primary as evidence of his strong African American base.