police shootings

Black Americans Killed By Police At Higher Rate Than Anyone Else, Washington Post Database Shows

The FBI undercounts fatal police shootings partly because police departments volunteer the information.

Wisconsin Police Officer Who Shot and Paralyzed Jacob Blake Suspended After Service Weapon Is Stolen

Rusten Sheskey was actually disciplined for losing his gun.

Fatally Shot Baltimore Detective Was Planning To Testify Against Fellow Officers Over Alleged Drug Dealing

Reports say he was shot with his own service revolver.

Emotional Protests Erupt In St. Paul After Officer Who Killed Philando Castile Was Acquitted

18 people were arrested.

Outrage After Black Father Livestreams Being Shot And Killed By Police In Tennessee

Rodney James Hess' family says he was mentally ill.

Donald Trump Says He's Taking A "Firm Stance To Protect Our Cops" And People Are Disgusted

Because after all, they're the only victims of exploitation.

White Alabama Officer Facing Murder Charges After Heartless Shooting of Greg Gunn

The victim was beaten with a baton then shot five times.

Milwaukee Unrest Continues Following the Shooting of Sylville Smith

Details on the impact of the destructive riots.

Update: Three Police Officers Shot Dead After Ambush in Baton Rouge

Three more are injured, hunt for suspects is on.

Jay Z Continues to Make His #BlackLivesMatter Statement

The hip-hop world's biggest are speaking out.