voter fraud

Voter Fraud Charges Dropped Against Black Woman In Tallahassee

Marsha Ervin, a 69-year-old Black woman arrested by law enforcement on suspicion of voter fraud.

Texas Court Orders Review Of Black Woman’s Illegal Voting Conviction

Crystal Mason gets a chance to clear her name and overturn a five-year prison sentence.

Did Herschel Walker’s Wife Vote Illegally in Georgia?

The couple lives primarily in Texas.

Georgia Secretary Of State Investigating Republican Florida Lawyer For Voter Fraud

Bill Price encouraged others to cheat in the Senate runoffs.

Election Probe Reveals Trump's Sidekick Steve Bannon Is One of the Fraudulent Voters He's Been Whining About

This comes after the POTUS asked for a major investigation.

Watch: This Hillary Clinton Supporter Explains How She Saw Her Machine Switch Vote to Trump

And she is not the only one.

Ex-GOP Chair in Florida Says Voting Changes Were Aimed at Suppression

Jim Greer says early voting changes were to defeat Obama.
Elijah Cummings

RNC-Funded Voter Fraud Probes Expanded

Rep. Cummings is investigating voter fraud allegations.
Win Some, Lose Some

Republican Party Fires Firm Accused of Voter Fraud

RNC vendor investigated for alleged voter fraud in Florida.