drug trafficking

Not Again! Fetty Wap’s Bail Revoked For Allegedly Threatening Behavior On A FaceTime Call

The rapper was arrested after somebody sent a recording of the call to the FBI.

Mexican Drug Kingpin El Chapo Found Guilty On All Counts, Faces Life In Prison

The former cartel leader was convicted for drug trafficking.

El Chapo’s Wife A No-Show At Trial For First Time In 6 Weeks

Emma Coronel Aispuro never missed a court date.

El Chapo’s Wife Speaks Out About Her Drug Trafficking Husband In New Interview

Sis was like, Drug cartel? Never heard of it.

Could Mendeecees Harris Be Getting Out Of Jail Sooner Than Expected?

The Love & Hip Hop star is pleading his case.

The Last Person You'd Expect to Bring 70 Pounds of Cocaine to Work Just Did

She almost got away with it, too.

Melvin Williams, Drug Kingpin Who Inspired The Wire , Dies at 73

The reformed gangster became an anti-drug advocate.

Shorter Sentences Backed for Some Drug Prisoners

Holder supports reduced sentences for nonviolent offenders.

Justice Department Takes Steps to Reduce Stiff Drug Sentences

Holder: severe terms should only go to violent offenders.

Kofi Annan Tackles Drug Trafficking in West Africa

The region has become a stopover point for drug shipments.