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College Board Says It Will Revise AP African American Studies Curriculum After Gov. DeSantis’ Rejection

Attorney Ben Crump has threatened a lawsuit, asking if DeSantis is ushering in an era of ‘free thought censorship.’

Florida Gov. DeSantis Defends Banning AP African American Studies In State High Schools

He claims the curriculum has an ‘agenda’ to indoctrinate students, but Black leaders say the Republican is trying to whitewash history.

Florida Gov. DeSantis Drops Proposed AP African American Studies Course For Florida High School Students

The state takes another step toward whitewashing historic racism.

History Alive! Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: The Last Five Years

Historian John W. McCaskill and the Smithsonian NMAAHC take us through the final years of Dr. King's work in a special video.

Henry Louis Gates Takes A New Journey Into Blackness With ‘Making Black America: Through The Grapevine’

The Harvard historian and PBS show host is bringing a new look at our past to find why we are who we are, and why that’s a good thing.

How Descendants Of James Madison’s Montpelier’s Enslaved Gained Shared Governance Of Historic Plantation

The descendants fought to have meaningful input on the history and slave narratives of Montpelier. They now feel a connection to their ancestors.

The Tuskegee Experiment: How Leading Researchers Are Rebuilding The Black Community’s Trust In Medicine

In a conversation with, Dr. David Hodge of Tuskegee’s Bioethics Center, offers a new framework for viewing the 40-year study that victimized hundreds of Black men in the name of science.

Women’s History Month: The Harriet Tubman Byway Offers A Broader View of Underground Railroad History

Visitors to Maryland sites linked to her life can easily learn about this part of American history.

OPINION: Educators and Advocates Can Fight for Black Curriculum in the Classroom With The Right Resources

Despite the pushback, there are many ways to continue bringing the gift of learning about our history and culture to our students.

OPINION: Using Critical Race Theory As An Excuse Not To Teach Black History, A Nefarious Tactic

The study of systemic racism and its impact is targeted at collegiate level education, but some are using it as a reason to avoid educating schoolchildren about the history of Black people.

Byron Allen On Track To Becoming The NFL’s First Black Owner

The multimillion-dollar entrepreneur will place a bid for the Denver Broncos.