black history

Children's Book Author Claims UK's Stonehenge Was Built By Black People

In her new book Brilliant Black British History, Atinuke was a predominantly Black country “for more than 7,000 years before white people came."

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Urges Educators to Teach Nation’s History Of Racism

She warned that the erasure of Black history leads to "complacency and ignorance.”

Birmingham Church Bombing 60 Years Later: Looking At the City From The Viewpoint of Those Impacted By It

In 1963 racists attacked a Baptist church in a town central to the Civil RIghts movement, now the mayor and the sister of one of the victims reflect on how far things have come.

Orlando Church Hosting AP African American Studies Course

The Audubon Park Covenant Church will host the courses and more than 400 people have registered from across the country.

Protesters in Miami Demonstrate Against Florida’s Black History Teaching Policies

The state’s controversial curriculum standard ‘will not be tolerated in our schools,’ the protest organizer told the crowd.

Conservative Platform PragerU’s Depiction Of Frederick Douglass Sparks Backlash

Florida approved what opponents call white supremacist propaganda under its new Black History teaching standards.

Why Is Black Fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha Pulling Its 2025 Conventions From Florida?

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and state GOP lawmakers face more backlash over the controversial Black History curriculum and Black groups are reacting.

Black Conservative Behind Florida Black History Curriculum Responds To Kamala Harris’ Criticism

There is an agenda to ‘replace history with lies,’ the vice president says.

Florida Gov. DeSantis Defends State Curriculum’s Claim Of Slavery 'Benefits'

‘They dare to push propaganda to our children,’ VP Kamala Harris said, blasting the situation.

New Florida Educational Standard Says Black People Got 'Personal Benefit' From Slavery

Critics say the curriculum guidance is another attempt by GOP Gov. DeSantis and Republicans to whitewash history.

Colin Kaepernick Taps Self-Described 'Marxist' Academics To Edit New Book

Kaepernick criticized the capitalist system in talking about the new anthology he’s working on that features several Black thought leaders.