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CBS Morning Correspondent Lisa Ling sits with the AP African American study group.

‘CBS Mornings’ Investigates Controversy Over AP African American Studies

Contributor Lisa Ling embeds in a high school class for an exclusive report on the course that has made conservatives irate.

Virginia Department Of Education Approves AP African American History Course

The course will be offered in several Virginia schools this year, which is the final year of the College Board’s pilot.

College Board To Make More Changes To AP African American Studies Courses

The organization says it "will determine the details of those changes over the next few months."

College Boards Says Florida is Wrong on Black Studies Course

Saying the course had “no educational value,” Gov. Ron Desantis’ administration is taking credit for the removal of some content from the lessons.
Analysis in Science and in Social Studies

African-American Students Make Slight Gains in SAT Scores

Scores remain largely stagnant overall for a third year.