Refugee Recruitment in Modeling Agencies Alleged by Times Investigation

It’s reported that young people from impoverished African countries are sent to Europe for casting and, if deemed unsuccessful, returned and are in debt.

Missing Honduran Refugee Grandmother Found In The Bronx

Margarita Bernardez, who suffers from mental illness, migrated to the U.S. to escape violence in her homeland.

'This Is a Policy We Don't Support' – These Companies Are Taking a Stand Against Donald Trump's Immigration Ban

The executive order is forcing everyone to choose a side.

'America at Its Most Ignorant' – People Are Dragging Republicans Who Want to #BoycottStarbucks for Pledging to Hire 10,000 Refugees

Many can't wait to have coffee without bigots present.

'I Think Trump Is Disgusting' – Hundreds of Furious Americans Sign Up for RoomForRefugees.Com to Combat Trump's Executive Order

Airbnb has also offered free housing to displaced people.
A Deadly Year

Up to 700 Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean Shipwreck

Hundreds of Africans are fleeing to escape conflict.

Trafficked Migrants Tell of Rape and Torture

Lampedusa survivors speak out about abuse.

Morocco Unveils Bold Plans for Illegal Immigrants

Morocco to roll out new migration policy in one year.