Los Angeles

Byron Merritt Discusses How Amazon Music Is Creating Unique Spaces For Artists at Studio 126

As the VP of Design at Amazon Music, the noted executive is one the leading experts on designing experiences that create stronger connections with creators and fans.

Fan Walks Up On LeBron James, Gets Pushed Away and Ejected

The incident took place during the Thunder-Lakers game on MLK Day.

BLM Members Sue LAPD Over Alleged Violent Tactics During Traffic Stops

The LAPD is being accused of targeting Black motorists.

Former NFL Running Back Derrick Ward Arrested On Robbery Charges

Ward was allegedly involved in several robberies throughout Los Angeles.

Slain Model Maleesa Mooney Autopsy Cited as Particularly Unique by L.A. Police Detective

Officials say how she was found indicates a particularly violent encounter just before her death.

Body of Model Maleesa Mooney Discovered in Refrigerator

She was tied up and beaten before being “wedged” inside her refrigerator.

Mayor Karen Bass Receives Award At The Congressional Black Caucus Conference

The Los Angeles mayor was a member of the CBC while serving in Congress from 2011 to 2022 and was chair of the caucus from 2019 to 2021.

Los Angeles City Councilman In Center Of Racial Scandal Running For Reelection

Kevin de León refused to resign for his involvement in a leaked recording of racist comments and a plot to diminish Black political power.

The Mamba Day Collection Sells Out Ahead of Kobe Bryant Day

The limited release celebrates the iconic NBA star who would have been 45 today.

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass Reveals How City Prepared for Hurricane Hillary

The city of L.A. took some major steps to prepare the city for the first tropical storm in 84 years.

L.A. Mayor Encouraging Both Sides In SAG Strike To Return To Bargaining Table

Karen Bass expressed concerns that the walkout could impact Los Angeles’ already crucial homelessness problem.