IRS Confirms Racial Bias Against Black Taxpayers In Audit Selection System

An independent study said the IRS audits Black Americans up to five times more than non-Blacks.

Explainer: Why Black Taxpayers Are More Likely To Face An IRS Audit

The agency has a history of racial bias in its audit selection process.

Stanford University Researchers Find Black Taxpayers 3-5 Times Likelier to Be Audited By the IRS

Black Taxpayers Most Likely to be Audited by IRS

90 Percent Of Capital Gains Tax Breaks Go To White Taxpayers

The Department of the Treasury analysis finds that Black taxpayers don’t get to claim nearly as much in deductions as White ones.

An Expansion of Tax Credits Could Provide Billions to Black Individuals and Families

These tax credits aren’t widely known but could put some extra money in your pockets.

Congressional Black Caucus Says Biden’s Build Back Better is Good for Black Americans

Despite being unsuccessful on voting rights, President Biden promises economic relief for Blacks.

Update: T.I., Tiny Owe $4.5 Million in Back Taxes

Rapper's rep releases statement.