Leonard Taylor’s Lawyer Speaks Out On His Execution, ‘It Was A Scientific Impossibility’ He Committed The Crime

The Missouri man was executed in Missouri on Feb. 7 for a quadruple murder, despite claims of innocence.

Leonard ‘Raheem’ Taylor Executed Despite Serious Disputes Of His Guilt; Leaves Emotional Final Words

The Missouri man denied he was even in the state when his girlfriend and her three children were killed, and many others backed him.

Leonard ‘Raheem’ Taylor Is Blocked From Having A Spiritual Advisor At His Scheduled Execution

The Missouri man has long maintained his innocence in this controversial death penalty case.

Rep. Cori Bush Demands Missouri Halt The Execution Of Man Who Maintains His Innocence

Leonard “Raheem” Taylor is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Feb. 7.

10-Year-Old Missouri Girl Honored For Helping Mother Deliver Baby Sister

Miracle's bravery is commendable..for sure!❤️

Kansas City, Mo. To Pay $5 Million Settlement In Police Fatal Shooting Of Black Man

An investigation found that Terrence Bridges Jr. was unarmed when the officer shot him in the chest.

Several Black Faculty Members Quit The University Of Missouri

The school says it is working to recruit more diverse staff.

White Supremacist Accused of Kidnap, Rape and Assault of a Black Woman He Held Captive in His Basement

Despite rumors, police say there’s no proof Timothy Haslett, Jr. had more than one victim in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Missouri State NAACP Urges ‘no’ Vote On Marijuana Legalization

The state chapter of the civil rights groups stands against the suggestion of all the other city and county chapters in Missouri.