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Wendy Williams' Publicist Regrets Being In Lifetime Documentary

Shawn Zanotti said she would not have participated in the docuseries if she had been aware that it wasn't going to celebrate the former TV personality's career.
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Opinion: Lifetime's 'Where Is Wendy Williams?' Documentary Should Raise Concerns Over Ethics and Accountability

The producers displayed insensitivity and a lack of regard for Wendy's well-being, and people should be outraged by it.

‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Producers Claim They Didn’t Know The Famed Host Was Diagnosed With Dementia

"If we had known that Wendy had dementia going into it, no one would’ve rolled a camera,” said producer Mark Ford.

5 Things We Learned From the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Docuseries


Wendy Williams Finds Support in Blac Chyna Amidst Health Struggles: A Revealing Look in New Lifetime Documentary

"Where Is Wendy Williams?" premieres on Saturday, February 24 at 8 p.m.

Wendy Williams Diagnosed With Frontotemporal Dementia And Aphasia

Her medical team says both conditions have “presented significant hurdles” in her life.

Wendy Williams Finally Breaks Her Silence In New Lifetime Documentary

In the two-part docuseries, the former talk show host reveals how she ended up sick and broke, and if a comeback is in her future.

Five Shocking Moments From Wendy Williams Epic Career

The fabled talk show host was recently diagnosed with dementia and aphasia.

Wendy Williams’ Manager Counters Claim She’s Being ‘Taken Advantage’ Of

The famed talk-show host’s son Kevin Hunter Jr. says her team’s negligence is damaging her.

Wendy Williams’ Son Claims Host’s Inner Circle is ‘Taking Advantage’ Amid Health Battle

Kevin Hunter Jr. also expressed concerns that his mom’s alleged struggle with substance abuse could become fatal.

Wendy Williams’ Podcast Has Not Been Canceled Contrary To Report

The famed talk show host’s publicist speaks out.