Prince Charles Says 'Time Has Come' To Confront The History Of Slavery

The Royal Family has never apologized for slavery.

Mass. Supreme Court Allows Slave Descendant To Sue Harvard For Emotional Distress

The university published ‘dehumanizing’ photos of two slaves a white supremacist Harvard professor commissioned in 1850 for his research.

Lawmakers Make Juneteenth Call For Change Of 13th Amendment Exception Language

Georgia Rep. Nikema Williams wants an end to ‘legally enslaved’ inmates who are disproportionately Black.

‘Grandmother Of Juneteenth’ Continues Walk For Freedom Second Year After Winning Fight For Federal Holiday

“Juneteenth is freedom, and I’m advocating that we celebrate freedom,” Opal Lee, 95.

Harvard University Creates Fund To Redress Its Historical Ties To Slavery

The school is committing $100 million to an endowed ‘Legacy of Slavery Fund’ after uncovering its involvement in slavery and white supremacy.

Descendants Of James Madison’s Slaves Fight For Equal Power Of Foundation Overseeing His Former Plantation

The descendants accuse the mostly-white foundation board of a ‘power grab.’

Netherlands Bank Apologizes For Its Historic Role In Slavery

ABN Amro’s predecessors were major players in the global slave economy and became wealthy.

Women’s History Month: Harriet Tubman’s Life and Legacy, Seen Through The Eyes Of Her Descendant

March marks 200 years since she was born, but her great-great-great-grandniece tells ‘Aunt Harriet’ was as much about taking care of people as she was about freeing them.

Cherokee Nation Seeking To Collect Family Histories Of Slave Descendants As It Remembers Those Enslaved By The Tribe

The Native American nation put thousands of African Americans in bondage, denied them citizenship and are atoning for the wrongful deed.