California Introduces Reparations Package -- With No Cash Payments

The proposal includes the restoration of property that was taken by “race-based” cases of eminent domain and state funding for “specific groups.”

Confederate Memorial With ‘Mammy’ Figure Set For Removal From Arlington National Cemetery

The monument presents a ‘sanitized’ depiction of slavery, a government report says.

Florida State Senator Introduces Bill To Prohibit Reparations Payments

The proposed amendment literally spells out a ban on restitution for the descendants of anyone enslaved in the U.S. prior to emancipation.

UK Insurance Market Lloyd’s of London ‘Deeply Sorry’ For Role In Slave Trade

The corporate giant offers an apology and programs but no reparations.

United Nations Advisory Body Urges Reparations For People Of African Descent

The legacies of colonialism, enslavement and apartheid still exist today, the report says.

Detroit Audubon Society Latest To Change Name After Namesake’s Racist Past Surfaces

John James Audubon was an enslaver and White supremacist, says the national organization that is keeping his name.

UN Says Countries Should Consider Reparations To Transatlantic Slavery Descendants

An estimated 25 million to 30 million people were forcibly removed from Africa for more than 400 years during the slave trade

Honoring Resilience Through Art: Commemorating The International Day For The Remembrance Of The Slave Trade

These films, television series and songs grappled with America's greatest sin.

Remains Of Free, Enslaved Black People In Maryland Linked To 42,000 Living Relatives

Historical DNA was used to trace relatives of enslaved people for the first time, researchers say.

DeSantis Invites VP Harris To Debate Florida Black History Standards, She Rejects Him

VP Harris Balks At Idea Of Debating Florida Black History Standards With DeSantis

Black Conservative Group Criticizes Florida Education Policies

The Black Conservative Federation said the state’s new guidelines “undermines the historical reality of slavery.”