Descendents of British Slave Trading Architects Offer Reparations Compensation to University

The descendants of the Trevelyan family offered their apologies and pledged about $120,000 and other private donations.

Nevada Legislature Mulls Bill To Outlaw Slavery In Its Constitution

A national movement seeks to end what activists say is a slavery loophole in the federal and several states’ constitutions.

British Family To Pay Reparations, Apologize For Ancestors’ Caribbean Slave-Owning Past

The Trevelyan family owned more than 1,000 slaves and six plantations on Grenada.

Economist Says Reparations To Black Americans Would Total $13 To $14 Trillion

Duke economist Dr. William “Sandy” Darity estimates that the funds would close the racial wealth gap and eliminate race-based government restitution.

Netherlands Prime Minister Apologizes For Dutch Role In Slavery – But Reparations Are Off The Table

It’s estimated that Dutch traders transported more than 500,000 Africans to the Americas and reaped great wealth from their labor.

Black Louisiana Voters 'Embarrassed’ By State’s Failure To Pass Anti-Slavery Amendment

Four other states removed forced servitude from their state constitutions during November’s elections.

Louisiana Voters Reject Ballot Measure To Abolish Slavery, Involuntary Servitude

Five states asked voters on Election Day whether to removing constitutional language that permits slavery as a form of criminal punishment.

Slave Descendants Cautiously Anticipate Meeting With Slave Owners’ Heirs

Ancestors of the survivors on the last known U.S. slave ship have began dialogue with owner of the vessel’s descendants.

Daniel Smith, One Of Last People Born To An Enslaved Parent, Dies At 90

His father was born in the 1860s.

Slavery Is On The Ballot In 5 States Despite Being Abolished More Than 150 Years Ago

Language in the constitutions of multiple states still permits slavery and involuntary servitude as criminal punishments, but a movement wants to change that.

California Reparations Task Force Says Descendants of The Enslaved Potentially Owed Extreme Amount, Study Says

The task force considered the lingering economic impact upon people descended from enslaved Africans in America, and faces continued discrimination.