gun control

Why Two Black Democrats Were Expelled From Tennessee’s Legislature

The White Democrat who survived the expulsion vote thinks skin color had something to do with it.

New York Black Leaders React To Supreme Court Striking Down The State’s Gun Law

After the high court’s decision, ‘every single one of us is less safe,’ Mayor Eric Adams says.

Bipartisan Senate Group Pledges Gun Control Support After Buffalo and Uvalde Shootings

Ten Republican and ten Democratic Senators come together in numbers to defeat any potential filibuster.

Son Of Buffalo Shooting Victim Testifies To Congress, Asking: 'What Are You Doing?

Garnell Whitfield Jr., lost his mother in the massacre and emotionally addressed lawmakers on the threat of domestic terrorism from white supremacists.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder Warns of the Outsized Influence of Conservative Politicians

He calls the current climate a “political apartheid system.”

Court Strikes Down California Ban on Semiautomatic Gun Sales To People Under 21

Purchasers of all ages are limited to one semiautomatic gun purchase per month.

Fans Are Kicking Down Killer Mike's Door After His Interview With The NRA

The Run The Jewels emcee has issued an official apology.

Donald Trump Says Texas Church Shooting Is A 'Mental Health' Not A 'Gun Problem' And People Quickly Point Out The Problem With His Argument

A GOP bill made it easier for mentally ill to buy weapons.