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Watch: Bronx Man Graphically Explains How He Dismembered His Mother in Chilling Video

He also took a selfie with her dead body.

Mental Health Myth Buster: The Internet Can Make You Crazy?

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Cleveland Woman Dies After Police Force Her to Pavement, Brother Says

Tanesha Anderson died during an altercation with cops.

Disabled Make Strides in Caribbean After Years of Neglect

A watershed law was passed in Jamaica, signaling change.

Milwaukee Police Fire Officer Who Shot Mentally-Ill Black Man in Park

Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times after a cop provoked him.

UK Doctors Believe Hip Hop Helps with Mental Illness

Cambridge study uses rap for depression, schizophrenia.

Black Inmate With Schizophrenia Dies of Thirst After 35 Days in Solitary

Prison policy allows staff to cut off inmate's water supply.