Young Black man having pain.

Migraine Headaches, Black Men, And What Stands In the Way of Healing

False and outdated beliefs about pain perception in Black people have resulted in health disparities at every level.
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Gov't Offers New Approach to Classroom Discipline

Obama issued new recommendations on classroom discipline.

African-American Men in New Orleans Face Employment Roadblocks

Black men have become an untapped resource in New Orleans.
The Luxe Life - African-Americans make more shopping trips than all other groups, but spend less money per trip. African-Americans in higher income brackets also spend 300 percent more in higher-end retail grocers than any other high-income household. (Source: Nielsen) (Photo: Andersen Ross/GettyImages)

African-Americans Disproportionately Affected by Food Insecurity

Over 25 percent of Black households battle with hunger.
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Only One Black Lawyer Presented to the Supreme Court This Term

One Black lawyer spoke for 11 minutes of the 75 hour-term.
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Florida School District Lacks Equal Access to Best Teachers

Miami-Dade County Public Schools show troubling pattern.

Wisconsin Has Highest Black Male Incarceration Rate in the Nation

Drug-related charges are the leading offense.

Talk Show Host: Are Blacks and Latinos Flawed?

Adam Carolla has answers for people of color.