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MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Lays Into Megyn Kelly For Her Comments About Naomi Osaka

“Girl, bye,” ‘The Cross Connection’ host said.

Megyn Kelly Has A Hissy Fit After Naomi Osaka Blocks Her

The obsession is real.

Megyn Kelly Officially Exits NBC With $30 Million Payout

NBC fired Kelly after she defended Blackface.

NBC Staff Furious Megyn Kelly Apologized To White NY Housewives Star But Not Her Black Co-Hosts

The former host was slammed for not texting her co-stars.

Al Roker Tweets ‘I Can Be Doc Brown And Not Color My Skin’ When Megyn Kelly Fans Slam His Costume

The host was criticized for playing a white character.

Megyn Kelly Slammed By Cedric The Entertainer As ‘Serial Perpetrator' Of Racist Remarks

"She is a serial perpetrator of indecent [racial] remarks."

Dear Megyn Kelly, The Becky Blame Game For Your Blackface Comments Isn't Cutting It

So save the fake #metoo boo hoo and get to steppin’

Looks Like Megyn Kelly Won’t Return To NBC As Many Are Pulling Receipts Of Her Past Racist Remarks

Staffers said the host created a "toxic work environment."

People Are Saying Megyn Kelly Can Keep Her Mayo Covered On-Air Apology After Defending Blackface

"How much did NBC pay those black people in the audience?"

Al Roker And Other Today Show Hosts Go All The Way In On Megyn Kelly After Her Blackface Comment

"She owes a bigger apology to folks of color."