Latin America

Francia Márquez, candidate to vice president of Colombia for the coalition Pacto Histórico, with Gustavo Petro as candidate to president. Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, may 14 2022.

Colombia Elects Its First Black Vice President

It's about time!

She's A Real One!: Amara La Negra Shamelessly Shares Snap With Her Tracks On Full Display

"It's hard to keep up a perfect afro 24/7."

Venezuelan Oil Diplomacy Curbed by Economic Crisis

Maduro blames it on his opponents in Venezuela and the U.S.

Happy Independence Day, Brazil

The influential nation celebrates 191 years of freedom.

Brazil President to Hold Emergency Meeting Over Worsening Protests

More than 1 million protesters took to the streets Thursday.

Immigration: It's a Black Thing, Too

Blacks lobby lawmakers for immigration reform.
Pope Francis

Commentary: A Latin American Pope Who Will Be Eagerly Watched

Pope Francis I is from Argentina.

Chagas Disease: ‘AIDS of the Americas’?

The life-threatening illness is spread by insects.