Uncle Ben’s Brand To Get Overhaul After Aunt Jemima Backlash Over Racial Stereotypes

Criticisms of the brand image predate current controversies.
Maasai Elders Aim to Reclaim Their Brand - Largely located in Kenya and Tanzania, the African ethnic group is fed up with companies like Louis Vuitton and Land Rover using their popular name and image to sell products. Maasai elder Isaac ole Tialolo and several companies have teamed up to combat this complicated matter.(Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya)

African Ethnic Group Maasai Aims to Reclaim Its Popular Brand

Elders want to prevent companies from exploiting their name.
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Report: Black and Latinos More Likely to Eat Sugary Cereals

Advertising targets minority kids, and poor habits result.
LeBron James - Like Obama, former Cleveland Cavalier James knows what it's like to feel the heat from a swing state. But the NBA star still has the support of the basketball-loving President, and Obama can count on a fat check from James during each election. (Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Harvard Business School Develops Case Study on Marketing of LeBron James

He's willing to accept riskier deals if he keeps control.
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