OPINION: Educators and Advocates Can Fight for Black Curriculum in the Classroom With The Right Resources

Despite the pushback, there are many ways to continue bringing the gift of learning about our history and culture to our students.

Racist Graffiti Left on Sacramento High School Water Fountain Under Investigation

Social HED: Racist Graffiti Left On Sacramento High School Water Fountain Under Investigation

10 Black History Facts Often Hidden From Schools

Each February some of the same things are rolled out to teach kids about the history of Black people. Here are a few that are not widely taught.

Tennessee Education Department Rejects Right-Wing Moms Group Complaint Under State’s Anti-Critical Race Theory Law

They wanted books about MLK and Ruby Bridges banned.

NYC Public Schools Reopen With No Student Vaccine Mandate For The School District

About 1 million students are returning to classrooms.

Educators Taking Action With Rallies Against Bills Targeting Teaching America’s Racial History

The Day of Action seeks to create awareness.