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Paula Patton Responds To Criticism About Her Fried Chicken: “My Mom Taught Me”

“I’ll take suggestions and make a new kind of fried chicken,” said the actress in her Instagram post

Paula Patton On Why She Doesn't Identify As Biracial

The Hollywood star also talks about her latest role in the BET+ series ‘Sacrifice.'

Jumping the Broom on BET April 29

Can't these two families just get along?
Just Wright, Tuesday at 7P/6C - Common's playing but Queen Latifah's the real winner. See other actors play in these sports flicks. Encore on Wednesday at 3P/2C.(Photo: FOX Searchlight Pictures)

Just Wright on BET Nov. 3rd

Tune-In Sunday, November 3rd at 4P/3C.

'Sacrifice' Starring Paula Patton Will Be Adapted To Series For BET+

The film is currently streaming on the platform.

Paula Patton Will Star In And Produce A Josephine Baker Adaptation

It will be based on "Josephine Baker’s Last Dance."