mass incarceration

Five Cases of Innocent Black Men Exonerated After Spending Decades Behind Bars

The exoneration of Sidney Holmes after serving 34 years of a 400-year sentence is one of many cases of justice being served decades late.

Arkansas Man Dies of Malnutrition and Dehydration in Jail; He Couldn’t Afford $100 Bail

The mentally disabled man spent more than a year awaiting trial on charges from an arrest where officers wanted to protect his well being.

Documentary Film ‘When Claude Got Shot’ Examines Gun Violence, Incarceration, Forgiveness And Redemption

Produced by Snoop Dogg and Brad Lichtenstein, the film premieres on PBS’s “Independent Lens” on May 9.

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Impressive Plan To Fight Mass Incarceration

She details how she’ll reform what’s criminalized.

LA County Scraps Mental Health Jail After Protests Led By Reform LA Jails

The project was slated to cost $2.2 billion.

[Watch] Kids Reading Letters to Their Incarcerated Moms Will Bring You to Tears

#LoveLetters bring together children and imprisoned moms.

Touring Rehab, Obama Calls for 2nd Chances After Prison

POTUS hopes to ensure that former inmates can find jobs.

Commentary: Don't Just Blame the Cops

Keith Boykin speaks on America's deep societal issues.