Dominican Republic

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Home Raided By IRS Agents

The controversial rapper's personal items including luxury vehicles were seized by federal agents.

Plan Your Budget Baecation Lori Harvey Style with these Top Destination!

Want to plan a getaway with your love, Lori and Damson style? Even if your bank account is set up differently, here are some baecation spots for you!

Hurricane Fiona Intensifies In Caribbean After Ravishing Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

The catastrophic storm caused at least three deaths and widespread power outages.

Puerto Rico Remains Without Power After Hurricane Fiona Ravishes Island

The storm has also made landfall in the Dominican Republic.

Why The Dominican Republic Is Building A Wall At The Haitian Border

The two countries share an island but one is vastly poorer than the other, and the DR claims the wall will stop drug smuggling.

FBI Concludes American Tourists Died Of ‘Natural Causes’ In The Dominican Republic

Healthy people suddenly passed away on the Caribbean island.

Tainted Methanol-Laced Alcohol Kills At Least 19 In Costa Rica Since June, Officials Say

And the possible connection the Dominican Republic deaths.

Georgia Mother Believes Her Son’s Death In The Dominican Republic Is Connected To The Other Fatalities

Melody Moore is demanding answers.

Delta Airlines Is Now Allowing Passengers To Cancel Flights To The Dominican Republic

This comes in the wake of 11 American tourists deaths.

Dad Dies After Being Kicked Off Flight From Dominican Republic For Being Too Sick

Khalid Adkins was reportedly dripping sweat and vomited.

Joseph Allen Of New Jersey Is Latest American Tourist To Die At A Dominican Republic Resort

He was found dead in his hotel room.