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College Boards Says Florida is Wrong on Black Studies Course

Saying the course had “no educational value,” Gov. Ron Desantis’ administration is taking credit for the removal of some content from the lessons.

The Biden-Harris Administration Sets The Record Straight On Its $5.8 Billion Promise To HBCUs

Despite misinformation about its support, this White House has offered more direct financial support to advancing educational equity than any other in history.

Obama Highlights Push for Better Skilled Teachers

President calls for experienced teachers at all schools.

Department of Justice Says Affirmative Action Has Not Ended

Schools can still use it to diversify their student body.

Connecticut Students Forced to Re-enact Slavery During Field Trip

A student says her classmates were called racial slurs.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund on Discrimination in NYC's Elite High Schools

The organization claims admissions are racially biased.

Feds to Monitor Oakland Schools’ Discipline of Black Students

The DOE will ensure the district curbs Black suspensions.