Detroit 'Teacher Of The Month' Fired For Having A Rap Career

Domonique Brown, aka Drippin Honey, is loved by students and parents but was called a bad influence on the students by the administration.

New York Teacher Sues Parents, Social Justice Group After Accusation Of Making Students Pick Cotton

Patrick Rausch claims he’s a victim of false statements about what happened in the classroom.

White Upstate NY Teacher Makes Black Students Pick Cotton, Wear Handcuffs In Slavery Lesson

“It made me feel bad to be a Black student,” one student said.

Black Male Educator From Ohio Named 2022 National Teacher of the Year

The Oberlin, Ohio, history teacher Kurt Russel has been in the classroom for 25 years and has brought his life experiences with him.

Board To Review Complaint Over Charlotte Police Gunpoint Detainment Of Black Teacher Wrongly Suspected Of Stabbing

Jasmine Horne said she feared becoming another Breonna Taylor.

‘Abbott Elementary’: Quinta Brunson Reunites With Teacher Inspired By Show

​​“I’m so proud of you!” her former sixth-grade teacher, Ms. Joyce Abbott said.

Louisiana Student Faces 10 Years In Prison After Alleged TikTok Challenge Assault

The 18-year-old is accused of targeting a disabled teacher to go along with the ‘slap yor teacher’ dare.

N.C. Teacher Quits After Telling Black Students U.S. Constitution ‘Saved’ Them From Being Her Slaves

Parents said the teacher singled Black students out.

Alabama Man Charged With Murder In His Wife’s Fatal Shooting

Nakeshia Biggs-Lowe was a beloved high school teacher.