D.C. Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrant Arrivals From Arizona, Texas

Texas has sent more than 7,900 migrants to D.C., creating a ‘growing humanitarian crisis,’ the mayor says.

Judge Removed From Former Officer’s Case In Death Of Atatiana Jefferson

Ex-Fort Worth, Tex., policeman Aaron Dean is facing a murder charge for Jefferson’s October 2019 shooting death.

‘Grandmother Of Juneteenth’ Continues Walk For Freedom Second Year After Winning Fight For Federal Holiday

“Juneteenth is freedom, and I’m advocating that we celebrate freedom,” Opal Lee, 95.

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Boyfriend's Mother's Ashes Into Texas Lake

Augustine Gladney reportedly confessed to the abuse of a corpse in a text message.

Meghan Markle Visits Memorial For Texas School Shooting Victims

A makeshift memorial outside the Uvalde County Courthouse honors the 19 students and two teachers killed on May 24th at Robb Elementary School.

Illinois Pols Blast Texas Governor For Calling Chicago An Example Of Failed Gun Control Laws

Democrats in the state blamed gun trafficking from red states like Texas for much of Chicago’s gun violence problems.

Buffalo Reacts To Texas Mass Shooting 10 Days After Experiencing Their Own Tragedy

Just 10 days after experiencing their own massacre at the hands of a white supremacist, residents ask ‘Where are we safe?’