DOJ Accuses Louisiana Of 'Routinely' Keeping Inmates Locked Up Past Release Dates

‘Our investigation uncovered evidence of systemic violations,’ Assistant Atty Gen. Kristen Clarke says.

Alabama Inmate “Baked to Death” in a Blazing Hot Cell According to Lawsuit

An autopsy found Thomas Lee Rutledge had an internal body temperature of 109 degrees.

Brittney Griner Timeline: From Russian Prison To Freedom

The WNBA superstar is finally released after nearly ten months in captivity but lived through a nightmarish ordeal.

Brittney Griner Finally Released From Russian Prison After Nearly 10 Months

President Joe Biden approved a prisoner swap between Griner and international arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Nigerian Influencer ‘Ray Hushpuppi’ Gets 11 Years In Prison For Money Laundering

Ramon Abbas, who flaunted his criminal-funded lifestyle online, express remorse in a handwritten letter to the judge.

Brittney Griner Loses Appeal Against Nine Year Prison Sentence In Russia

The WNBA star was jailed on drug possession charges, but she maintains she had no criminal intent.

Slavery Is On The Ballot In 5 States Despite Being Abolished More Than 150 Years Ago

Language in the constitutions of multiple states still permits slavery and involuntary servitude as criminal punishments, but a movement wants to change that.

Rapper Rich Boy Jailed For Two Third-Degree Domestic Violence Charges

The rapper is best known for his hit ‘Throw Some D’s’