Ex-NFL Player Clinton Portis Receives Prison Sentence In Fraud Scheme

Prosecutors say the former star running back was part of $2.9 million crime ring of retired players.

Black Man In Sentenced To More Than 1,800 Years Receives Conditional Pardon From Virginia Gov.

Civil rights activists say Lawrence Stevens was handed down a racially biased sentence by his trial’s judge.

O.J. Simpson ‘Completely Free Man’ After Early Release From Parole

The football Hall of Famer had received a 33-year sentence for armed robbery.

Michigan Woman Sentenced To 210 Days In Jail For Fatally Stabbing Her Child’s Father

She claimed self-defense, but the judge wasn’t fully convinced.

Wrongfully Convicted Black Man Receives $6 Million After Spending 23 Years In Prison

Darryl Howard was prosecuted for the killing of a mother and daughter in 1991.

R.Kelly Associate Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison

Michael Williams pleaded guilty to an arson charge after setting one of the disgraced artists accuser’s car on fire.

Grammy Winner Irvin Mayfield Heads To Prison For Stealing 1.3M And Defrauding New Orleans Libraries

Along with his childhood friend Ronald Markham, the pair will serve 18 months in federal prison.

Bobby Love: The One Time Fugitive Explains How He Escaped Prison, Created A New Identity And Ultimately Found Forgiveness

Bobby and Cheryl Love share details in their memoir about how their lives completely changed the morning the police came knocking.

Louisiana Student Faces 10 Years In Prison After Alleged TikTok Challenge Assault

The 18-year-old is accused of targeting a disabled teacher to go along with the ‘slap yor teacher’ dare.