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Catholic Priests Pledge To Raise $100 Million In Restitution For Descendants Of Enslaved Black People

The Jesuits intend to atone for enslaving Black people.

Georgetown Law Professor Fired After Degrading Remarks Against Black Students Went Public

Sandra Sellers made the remarks during a Zoom call.

Black History Month Pride: Meet Preston Mitchum

Justice for all people is his mission.

Patrick Ewing Praises John Thompson As ‘Father Figure’ In Response To Coach’s Passing

Ewing led the Hoyas to an NCAA Championship in 1984.

Allen Iverson Pays Tribute To His Georgetown Coach, John Thompson ‘Thanks For Saving My Life’

‘Thanks for saving my life.’

Georgetown Study Shows Racism Erases Black Girls' Childhoods Due To 'Adultification'

The girls said they were held to higher standards.

Students Want Exam Delays Amid Brown, Garner Cases

Law students protested the grand jury decisions.