U.S. Supreme Court

Clarence Thomas Didn’t Disclose Tuition Fees Wealthy GOP Donor Paid For His Grandnephew, Report Says

The Texas billionaire also lavished luxury vacations and bought family property from Thomas, none of them disclosed.

Study: Colleges Face Loss Of Racial Diversity If Supreme Court Scraps Affirmative Action

The conservative-dominated high court could soon ban race-conscious college admissions.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Reveals He Was A Prince Fan, But Only In The 80s

As the high court hears arguments in a copyright lawsuit that could shake up the entertainment industry, the SCOTUS judge revealed something about himself.

Winning the Fight for Reproductive Justice Means Finally Putting Black Women in the Driver’s Seat

Civil rights attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong believes it's time for white women to step aside and let those most impacted steer this battle.

Harvard Urges Supreme Court To Preserve Affirmative Action As Upcoming Case Looms

The justices are slated to hear college admissions cases that could jeopardize the future of affirmative action.

Supreme Court Will Hear North Carolina Case Next Term That Could Hinder Voting Rights Nationwide

The ruling could vastly diminish the authority of state courts to block discriminatory voting laws.

OPINION: A Supreme Court Ruling That Impacts Climate Change Makes Environmental Racism Worse

A decision that sets back the Environmental Protection Agency will have a domino effect on Black people nationwide.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Becomes 104th Associate Justice Of The U.S. Supreme Court

The first Black woman enters the high court’s bench at a time of controversial rulings, but she will write important opinions of her own in the fall.

Supreme Court Blocks Formation Of New Black Majority Voting District In Louisiana

The right-wing justices appear poised to strike a clause from the Voting Rights Act.

Stacey Abrams: It’s 'Dangerous’ For Georgia Women After Roe V. Wade Overturned

The state is poised to enact a fetal heartbeat law now that the Supreme Court has made abortion a state issue.