Sistas - TV show

'Sistas' Drama: Two Dads, One Mom, and Endless Tension

Zac and Aaron's tensions reach new heights as they navigate the unexpected twists of sharing fatherhood, jealousy, and past grievances. With Karen caught in the middle, the stage is set for explosive confrontations and uncertain futures.

A Drink With The Circle - 'Sistas' Cocktails

Grab your glass and enjoy these fun and sexy cocktail recipes inspired by the cast.
Gary and Andi on Tyler Perry and BET's Sistas.

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The first half of season seven saw Gary rapidly unravel.

'Tyler Perry's Sistas': Circle of Strife

There's a breakdown in the Sista Circle and we finally learn the outcome of Karen's prenatal exam.

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Actor Chido Nwokocha, who plays Gary, explains why it’s not too late for his character to find redemption.

'Sistas': Fatima Has a Trick Up Her Sleeve For Hayden and Gary

Fatima backs Penny and Andi as they confront Gary for his bad behavior.

'Sistas': Betrayals, Ultimatums, and Unexpected Alliances Rock the Neighborhood

The latest episode unveils shocking revelations as Hayden confronts Tamara's deceit, Sabrina's job twist, and Zac's custody battle.

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In episode seven, Karen and Zac are too cozy for comfort and Fatima has noticed.

Jason Weaver to Star in New Season of Tyler Perry’s ‘Sistas’

The veteran actor took to his social media to celebrate the moment.