mass shooting

Police Investigating Possible White Supremacist Ideology Of Texas Mall Shooter

Authorities are trying to figure out a motive for the shooting that killed eight people.

Deion Patterson: What We Know So Far About The Accused Atlanta Shooter

At least one person died and four others were wounded at the hospital mass shooting, but mental illness is said to have played a role.

Police Arrest Man Who Killed 1, Wounded 4 At Atlanta Hospital

Deion Patterson was taken into custody after a daylong manhunt.

Dadeville Shooting: What We Know About The Three Murder Suspects

Alabama authorities arrested teen brothers and an adult male in their ongoing investigation.

Rev. William Barber Steps In As Major Voice For Gun Safety Legislation In Tennessee After Mass Shooting

Bringing his ‘Moral Monday’ rally to Nashville the pastor addressed the recent controversies there.

Dadeville Mass Shooting: What We Know So Far About The Birthday Party That Turned Deadly

At least four people were killed, but authorities have not yet announced an arrest or motive.

Opinion: How Inaction Normalized Both Mass Shootings and Gun Violence In Black Communities

A common denominator exists when discussing something that happens so often that people don’t even notice.

OPINION: Tennessee, Where Hypocrisy Festers and Empathy Goes to Die

The state’s lawmakers prove time and again that they’re happy focusing on the wrong things.

Why Two Black Democrats Were Expelled From Tennessee’s Legislature

The White Democrat who survived the expulsion vote thinks skin color had something to do with it.

‘Keep Pushing, Keep Fighting’: James Harden Supports Student Paralyzed In Michigan Campus Shooting

John Hao was shot on Feb. 13 in a mass shooting at Michigan State University.