sandi jackson

Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Making Good Use of His Time in Prison

Jackson has written two books while behind bars.
Inmate No. 32451-016

Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Now Serving His Time at an Alabama Prison Facility

The Montgomery Federal Prison was Jackson's first choice.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Now Inmate No. 32451-016

Jackson Jr. began his 24-month prison sentence on Oct. 29.

Feds Set to Auction Some of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Ill-Gotten Goods

U.S. Marshals auction items bought with campaign funds.
Jesse Jackson Jr.

Ex-Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison

Jackson misused $750,000 in campaign funds.

Justice Delayed? Judge Postpones Sentencing of Jesse and Sandi Jackson

The couple faces prison time and the loss of their homes.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Wants to Serve Prison Sentence Before Wife

Jackson's lawyers request leniency due to mental health.
Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Goods May Be Auctioned

Prosecutors Request Jail Time for Jesse and Sandi Jackson

The Jacksons won't serve their terms at same time.