gang violence

Canada Sends Military Plane to Haiti to Assist With Rampant Gang Violence

Gangs control most of the nation, and Canada has offered the plane to help local police disrupt their activities.

Haiti Crisis Prompts UN Leader to Insist On Sending Special Forces

The police are largely ineffective against the gangs that have taken control of the country.

Dozens Dead In Wave Of Gang Violence In Haiti Capital

Aid workers are saying the situation is getting out of control


The 400 Mawozo Gang is said to be behind the kidnappings and much more crime in the Haitian capital.

Chicago Mayor Proposes Ordinance To Seize Gang Assets

Lori Lightfoot hopes to reduce violence.

Grammy-Nominated Rapper And Activist Nipsey Hussle Was Set To Attend Anti-Gang-Violence Meeting With LAPD

The rapper was scheduled to speak with the LAPD.

Rich White Teen Charged With Murder In Gang-Related Shooting Of A Black Man Out On Bail And Spotted At Dodgers Game

Cameron Terrell's release shows inequalities in the system.

Look: 4 Students From This Long Island High School Have Been Murdered This Month

Police suspect gang MS-13 is behind the tragic killings.

Tragedy: Deaf Teen Killed by Gunman After Friends Explained Through Text 'We Can’t Hear You'

A case of mistaken identity led to death of DeSean Welch.

[Watch] With a Mother Like This: Woman's Wannabe Gangster Boyfriend Leads Her Two Teenage Sons Down a Path of Destruction

Who's to blame for horrible fate of two honor students?

Lord Help Us: Georgia Gang Leader Put Out a Hit on a 9-Month-Old

The mother, grandmother and friend also targeted in attack.