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Howard University To Debut First HBCU Ice Skating Team

The intercollegiate skating team will face the University of Delaware in its first competition.

Black + Iconic: Shirley Chisholm

Howard University sophomore Rachel gives us the history behind the political leader's rise to the halls of power and the doors she opened.

Black + Iconic: Alvin Ailey

Howard University sophomore Gabrielle remembers the influence the legendary dance choreographer had on the culture.

Black + Iconic: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Howard University junior Kennedi notes how critical to our history the elevation of the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court has been.

Black + Iconic: Queen Latifah

Howard University sophomore Rachel explains why the Queen of hip-hop is rap royalty and how she empowers others.

Black + Iconic: Barack Obama

Howard University sophomore Cameron remembers what the impact was of seeing the young Illinois senator rising to the height of power in the U.S.

Zeddy Will Talks His Viral Hit ‘Cha Cha’ and How He Became a Social Media Star

The popular influencer has over 6 million followers on TikTok and wants to take the music world by storm.

Howard University Is The First Academic Institution To Partner With True Voice So Students Can Prioritize Wellness

Quantasy’s wellness app, True Voice, will give students access to a community and a space of vulnerability that may not be found in their classrooms or extracurricular activities.

Howard Says Tik Tok Video of Abandoned Building Break-In was Violation of ‘Sacred Boundaries’

No important material was taken, but many historical artifacts were left, enabling scavengers to grab them.

Florida A&M Wins the 2023 Celebration Bowl To Become HBCU National Champions

The Florida A&M Rattlers defeated the Howard University Bisons and won their first HBCU title since 1998.