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Meet Elmiene: London’s Latest R&B Sensation

The 22-year-old singer/songwriter discusses his latest EP, “Marking My Time,” his stunning new song “Crystal Tears,” and being a part of the Black soul tradition.

Jaz Karis Is a Force To Be Reckoned With In Soul Music

From her early days in the choir to collaborating with Tone Stith on the sultry new track "MET YOU AT A BAR," South London’s Jaz Karis shares her musical journey, creative process, and the inspiration behind her upcoming album set to drop in 2024.

Barbados Says It Is Owed $4.9 Trillion in Reparations For Slavery

King Charles has said ‘time has come’ for that conversation, but the U.K. government doesn’t want that discussion.

UK Insurance Market Lloyd’s of London ‘Deeply Sorry’ For Role In Slave Trade

The corporate giant offers an apology and programs but no reparations.

Human Rights Group Issues Demands To King Charles Ahead Of His Visit To Kenya

The king will acknowledge the ‘painful aspects’ of British colonial rule, but many Kenyans want more.

Caribbean Nations To Formally Demand Reparations From Royal Family

King Charles has expressed ‘personal sorrow’ for slavery but hasn’t apologized.

As King Charles’ Coronation Approaches, Links Emerge To Ancestor Who Enslaved Black People

Newly unearthed documents show that the British monarch has an ancestor who once enslaved Africans on a tobacco plantation.

King Charles Supports Investigation Into British Monarchy’s Ties To Slavery

A newly discovered document shows a connection to the slave trade.

British Family To Pay Reparations, Apologize For Ancestors’ Caribbean Slave-Owning Past

The Trevelyan family owned more than 1,000 slaves and six plantations on Grenada.

King Charles On Slave Trade: Britian’s Role ‘Should Not Be Hidden’

The King met with artists in Leeds who took part in the Worlds Re-imagined Globes project which explains his nationa’s role in slavery.

Black Excellence Rising: 3 Howard U Students Named as Fulbright Scholars

They will go to Greece, the U.K. and South Africa to represent the HBCU as a part of the prestigious program