Haiti Remains In Crisis, But Human Rights Coalition Warns Biden Against Sending Military

They say any potential violence would further destabilize the Caribbean nation.

U.S. Deploys Armored Vehicles To Help Haiti Relief Efforts

Violent gangs in the Caribbean nation have cut off routes to transport supplies like water and fuel.

Rapid Aid To Help Haiti Suggested By U.N. Secretary-General

The Caribbean nation has been dealing with a severe fuel shortage and cholera outbreak in addition to widespread violence.

Kodak Black Donates $50,000 Worth Of Water To Haiti

The donation will benefit victims of gang violence in the struggling country.

At least 1,000 Dead In Violence Around Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Thousands more have been kidnapped.

Dozens Dead In Wave Of Gang Violence In Haiti Capital

Aid workers are saying the situation is getting out of control

Uncertainty Remains In Haiti A Year After President Jovenel Moise’s Assassination

Gang violence and government instability grips the nation as it remembers the tragedy of its president’s killing.

Suspect In Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s Assassination Pleads Not Guilty In Miami Court

Rodolphe Jaar is one of at least three accused assassins to face justice in the United States.


The 400 Mawozo Gang is said to be behind the kidnappings and much more crime in the Haitian capital.

Vessel Carrying Over 300 Haitian Migrants Runs Aground Near Florida Coast

Dangerous boat crossings from Haiti have increased in recent months amid growing turmoil on the Caribbean island.