Mom Sues TikTok After Daughter, 10, Died From'Blackout Challenge'

The lawsuit blames the social media giant’s algorithm for recommending the dangerous challenge to Nylah Anderson.

Family Seeks Answers In Brooklyn Teen’s Fatal Shooting While Recording TikTok Videos

Police found high school senior Adriana Graham with a gunshot to the head.

Man Identified By Sneakers In TikTok Video Busted For Robbery Spree In Detroit Area

Investigator recognized the white Nike sneakers Chozen Terrell-Hannah wore in a dance video, the FBI says.

Island Boys’ Distance Themselves From Friend Charged In Shooting Of 8-year-old

Flyysoulja says he refused to hide his friend's gun after the home was raided.

TikTok Star Rory Teasley Reportedly Choked To Death By His Boyfriend

There was allegedly a fight over a video game.

Gabrielle Union Reveals More Clips Of Her Were Added To The Original Trailer That Didn’t Make The Movie

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