fiscal cliff

No Budget, No Pay

House Passes Bill to Diffuse Debt Crisis

The bill enables the government to avoid default on debt.
What Did John Boehner Say?

First Lady Michelle Obama Isn't Feeling Speaker John Boehner

First Lady Michelle Obama is not amused by John Boehner.
Don't Even Think About It

Obama: Don't Let Politics Get in the Way of Fixing the Economy

In final press conference, Obama talks gun control and more.

Hardball: GOP Weighs Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Default

GOP considers drastic measures to force spending cuts.
Keith Boykin, Best of 2012

Commentary: Three Tips to Diversify the White House

Does President Obama measure up?

Obama Expected to Tap White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew to Head Treasury

Lew will face key economic deadlines early on.
Taxes, Fiscal Cliff

Obama Signs Cliff Deal to Boost Taxes on Wealthy

Obama signed the bill using an autopen.