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Leonard ‘Raheem’ Taylor Executed Despite Serious Disputes Of His Guilt; Leaves Emotional Final Words

The Missouri man denied he was even in the state when his girlfriend and her three children were killed, and many others backed him.

Leonard ‘Raheem’ Taylor Is Blocked From Having A Spiritual Advisor At His Scheduled Execution

The Missouri man has long maintained his innocence in this controversial death penalty case.

North Carolina Man Sentenced To Death For Killing His Teenage Daughter In Gruesome Murder Case

Prosecutors said Zaria Burgess, 15, was sexually tortured for 22 hours before her father took her life.

Florida Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Orlando Police Officer Debra Clayton

Lt. Debra Clayton was shot and killed in January 2017.

Florida Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Man Convicted Of Killing Black Orlando Police Officer

Florida Jury Recommends Executing Man Convicted In Killing of Black Orlando Cop

Pervis Payne Case: Tennessee D.A. Abandons Death Penalty Pursuit

The death row inmate, who has an intellectual disability, was convicted of the 1987 murders of two people.

Julius Jones Granted Clemency By Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Hours Before Scheduled Execution

He is off of death row but will still spend his life behind bars.

Parole Board Recommends Commuted Death Sentence for Julius Jones

Jones says his attorneys didn’t let him take the stand

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Leads Congress In Calling For Biden To End The Death Penalty

Trump has executed a record number of federal prisoners.

Department Of Justice To Restart Executions Despite Coronavirus Risks

Critics say the middle of a pandemic is the wrong time