Brittney Griner

‘I Made An Honest Mistake’: Brittney Griner Convicted Of Smuggling Drugs

This ruling comes as diplomatic efforts are underway to free the WNBA star.

Russia Reportedly Wants To Add Convicted Murderer To Prisoner Exchange For Brittney Griner

This ‘is not a serious counter-offer,’ U.S. officials say.

Brittney Griner Testifies She Signed Documents In Russia Without Understanding Them

The WNBA star explains what happened when Russian authorities arrested her.

U.S. Offers Russia Deal For Brittney Griner’s Release

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the sharp reversal of previous policy in hopes of freeing the WNBA star.

Brittney Griner Says She Has 'No Complaints,' As Drug Trial In Russia Continues

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and WNBA star sends a message to her wife.

Brittney Griner Featured On Mural With Other Americans Detained Abroad

The WNBA star is facing ten years in a Russian prison.

Brittney Griner Case: Biden Signs Executive Order Aimed At Countries That Wrongfully Detain Americans

The administration has come under pressure to negotiate the WNBA star’s freedom.

Brittney Griner’s Russian Trial Lawyer Argues She Was Not Transporting Drugs

The WNBA star is facing up to ten years in a Moscow prison.